Latest News - March 2015

Directors Report and Financial Statements
Year ended 31st October 2010
Year ended 31st October 2013

Aras na Cluaine Management Company

Latest News - August 2011

Collections and Budget
Following the AGM last month, please follow this link for the up to date document regarding collections and the budget as presented during the meeting.

Aras na Cluaine Management Company

Latest News - March 2011

Fire Inspection Passed
Good news at last, we have been informed that Dublin City Council have written to the management company today.
We expect to receive the letter tomorrow, essentially the news is that DCC are satisfied that the works have been
completed in accordance with their instructions. Therefore no eviction is necessary.

There is a lot more to the letter which we will share with everyone asap.

If you have been holding off paying your service charges pending this outcome please pay them now.

Aras na Cluaine Management Company

Latest News - February 2011

Fire upgrade works at Aras na Cluaine - News Update
Dublin City Council have confirmed that they have received documentation from Coalport and it's contractors confirming that all identified issues have been resolved.

DCC will carry out an inspection this week to confirm they are happy to sign off on the development, hopefully all will go well.

As this situation is fluid and fast changing we are putting our updates on the web see

Aras na Cluaine Management Company

Notice in relation to fire upgrade works at Aras na Cluaine

The following documents Aras na Cluaine Management Companys understanding of the current position as at 2pm Friday 25th February

The builders have verbally told us that they are confident that they will complete the necessary remediation works in time to prevent any action on behalf of the fire officer.

An inspection of the complex by the architect took place last Wednesday, at that inspection several additional requests where made of the builder.

A further inspection and final signoff by the architect is due to take place this evening and the builder is confident of a positive outcome.

Following signoff by the architect, it is our understanding that the completed certification documentation will be provided to the fire officer.

The fire officer has informed us verbally that he is under no obligation to inspect the complex following the sign-off by the architect. You may read into this what you will, our understanding is though that he is likely to inspect the complex early next week once he has received the certification from the architect.

Additionaly it is our understanding that there will be no further court action this Monday and assuming the fire officer is happy with the architects signoff the eviction notice should be cancelled and in the eyes of the fire officer this episode will come to a close.

Throughout this drawn out episode the Residents Committee and laterly the Management Comapany since its takeover in July 2010, has consistantly worked towards a resolution to these issues in the best interest of the owners and residents of the complex.

It has not always been possible to continuously inform all owners and residents as to our position but rest assured where necessary we have taken legal advice and following this advice made our decisions based on our collective judgements and the greater good of the complex. We believe that the outcome to this episode, while drawn out has resulted in a safer and more secure complex.

While next Monday a distressing chapter in Aras na Cluaine's history may come to a close there may still be dark days ahead. The complex is still in a distressed state and huge amounts of work are required to bring it up to the standard that those who live there demand. To do this work finance is required. The management company have taken the decision that from the 1st of April 2011 cars that are not registered for parking at Aras na Cluaine but are consistantly parking there or cars of owners or tenants of owners who have refused to come to an arrangement with the management company in relation to thier management fees may be clamped. In addition to this we may also be forced to name and shame those owners who have refused to engage with the management company and pay their fees.

We regret that we have had to make this decision but for the greater good of the complex we believe that it is necessary.

Yours Faithfully
Aras na Cluaine Management Company

Latest News - December 2010

MUD Bill
The MUD Bill passed the final phase in the Dail late last week. There is an additional procedural step which means that it needs to go back to the Seanad which will hopefully happen in the next couple of days following that the President will sign it into Law. This will help us in dealing with collections and should give us much more power to sort our problems out.
This is the bill before amendments, the new version will be available soon.
You can also read more and see others' comments here.

Latest News - November 2010

Owners' Meeting
There is an Aras na Cluaine Owners' meeting in Boomers on Tuesday 30th November at 8pm.
The meeting on Tuesday, the 30th of November has been postponed until Tuesday, the 7th of December, due to bad weather conditions. The meeting will still take place in Boomers @ 8pm.

The meeting was postponed until the New Year. Stay tunned.

Latest News - October 2008

Residents' Meeting
There is an Aras na Cluaine Residents' meeting in Boomers on Wednesday 5th November at 8pm.